Burlington Residents Consider New Options For Giant Gaping Downtown Hole

BURLINGTON – The Burlington Free Press reported this morning that it had conducted a whimsical poll about what to do about the empty construction site that was intended to be the 88-story mall currently named CityPlace. With no movement on the developement for the past several months, the city of Burlington is considering back-up plans for the now-stalled controversial project.

This reporter could not locate the poll on the Free Press website (undoubtedly being suppressed at the behest of City leaders). He can imagine some great uses including the noted ice rink, a forest of trees transplanted from city hall park; a tent city for the homeless; a ski park; or a jump zone for F-35 pilots.

What no one is currently acknowledging is that any efforts to change the current hole in the group will require 863 public meetings; 54 City Council and zoning commissions meetings; five referendums and result in 16 lawsuits- each by those who want their treasured project. Ultimately, we can anticipate all approvals and lawsuits cleared by 2022 with construction to begin in 2024 and completion in 2030.”

Image Credits: James Buck.

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  1. The irony is that the fate of Burlington’s downtown mega-project was doomed by the pushy, flawed process that got it to where it is today. The project never had broad support, people don’t accept a victory won by cheating, and too many of the critics objections have significant merit. As for the mountain of debt and the big hole we’ve gotten ourselves in to, well you know the wise saying: If you’re in a hole, stop digging! Only Councilor Hartnett remained true to the voters. The development agreement which promised to protect taxpayers was breached. Councilors and mayor went back on their word to the people, except for Hartnett. He said Nay.

    • I’m not sure that post was fair. It contains what look suspiciously like facts. Is that sort of thing allowed on satire sites? I mean, the opinion part is fine, but it’s going overboard to actually base it on facts, for heaven’s sake!

  2. Well, I don’t think of this “failed” project as a big hole in the ground since the building wasn’t contributing to our sense of downtown to begin with. We have gained a cleaned-up site and can now take back our civic streetscape for a real marketplace! this is the ideal Farmer’s Market with flower and community gardens, parking, and stalls: think Montreal’s Jean-Talon Market or what Les Halles once was for Paris (before they turned it into a Metro/shopping complex)… It can finally be our livable market-place rather than commercial shopping complex owned by others. Can we stand the loss of petro-dollars? hum, will be tough for City Hall… but we can certainly live without them!

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